Throughout these years I have learned and perfected a number of varied techniques that allow helping people in different ways and especially my job adapting to their needs in order to achieve a common good.

  • Chiromassage

    Chiromassage is a word in greek and it means the kneading hands.
    Part of ancient cultures were already using and know the amazing capabilities of the hands.
    Massage, provided this is done from the technical knowledge, respect for the body that touch, and the desire to communicate better health, energy and other aid will be beneficial for the person who receives it. And if all that is true is totally harmless.
    A massage made for you and all comfort you need, can be better than a few hours of rest. Activate your blood circulation, the circulation of your lymphatic system and your nervous system will reduce your rate.

  • Reflexology

    Since your feet can work for your health and rebalance your vital energy.
    Your feet are reflected in them, your whole body. The digestive system, nervous system, skeletal system, eyes, ears, etc...
    Reflexology treats the body handling, pressing and stimulating the reflex points of the body from different parts of it. The Reflexology from the feet, to me, is the most effective.
    We can do a massage just to rest and relax your feet, or we can all treatment and activating touching every point of our body. The reflex is used every day by more and more people who have proven their great benefits. The first visible symptom is the relaxation effect: after a first session of forty minutes, the tension fades and the pain begins to ease.

  • Lymphatic Drainage

    Lymphatic drainage is another manual therapy. It is a method by gentle and painless pressure helps to activate and circulate your lymphatic system.
    It is well known for draining and reducing its effects, but it we should care with its relaxing power, neurosedative, and analgesic activity of our immune system. It can be very effective with improving chronic pain problems, rheumatism, and poor circulation. Help erase the aesthetic effects of surgery, an edema caused by deficiencies of the urinary tract, pregnancy in late...

  • Reiki

    Reiki today, it often hears.
    This is a completely safe treatment based primarily on the imposition of hands to transmit energy to the other. Speaking in simple and understandable words, it could be defined as "the act of channeling of the therapist what we call universal energy from through our hands to the chakras and the body of the person who needs it". This energy is channeled from the intention of helping others and, above all, from the unconditional love for all living things need to balance your health. We will use our hands and our view on the assumption that the patient has to be treated remotely.

  • Laughter Therapy

    Laughter therapy is not anything we have invented in the West. Already in ancient times, when there were dynasties that they constructed the Great Wall of China, were used in spaces that made the effort to laugh, not wanting to end with laughter. And the sages of the time they had discovered the healing power of laughter at the physical and emotional. Not many years ago the famous Dr. Patch Adams Laughter Therapy westernized and extended to hospitals and began to transmit to their pupils the capacity and responsibility of transmitting, smiles and love of life even in the worst health of people.
    Our society increasingly has been deteriorating the innate ability of people to laugh and enjoy the little things. So the laughter therapist will accompany for a while so you can feel as free and spontaneous as a child. Activate your immune system, your brain and, above all, your soul.

  • Alternative Therapys

    • Relaxing and stress control

    • EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy or Tapping)

    • Children relax (Massage for restless children)

    • Possibility of home treatment

Music by:
Antonio J. Asiáin Sanz