The main objective of Manual Therapy and Alternatives Isa is to help clients maintain and regain their health. What is health? Health is the balance between Body, Mind and Soul. How can we achieve this balance? Giving health foods at your body. Our mind thoughts clean, cheerful and positive.

And above all, feeding your soul, you can enjoy feelings of peace, connection with the sunlight, the brightness of the stars, the fresh sea breeze, the cold and the whiteness of the snow on the mountain with the smile of a child. Admiring and enjoying the beauty and fragrance of a flower. Because if your smile is genuine and honest, if your smile comes from within you is because you have discovered what we have just listed, and also have discovered a love for all this ... Your soul will feel happier and stronger and will help bring a healthy life.
If your body is getting good fruits and vegetables, healthy food and balanced food without too much but whenever you need ... Your body, your machine will be strong and able to accommodate many experiences.
If your mind is fed with positive thoughts of positive statements, positive messages, moments of laughter ... your energy will be strong and powerful as the sun's energy.

Music by:
Antonio J. Asiáin Sanz